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Meet our Members

Meet our Members

Meet our Members

Todra Anderson-Rhodes, MD

Bernice M.Bailey*

Natalie Beasley

Cassann Blake, MD

Jacqueline M. Bolden

Sheri Brown

Tamashia Buckner

Tanya I. Davis

Brandace Dean

Alison DeSouza, MD

Frederica P. Dixon*

Lynnette Drayton

Tangala M. Dyke

Kathy M. Eggleston

JoeAnn Fletcher

Tamara Gant

Desorae Giles—Smith

 LaTéssa Dotson Hall

Deborah Brooks Harris

Jenelyn (Jenny) J. Haye

Earlene Striggles Horne

Paula Hutchinson

Samine Jernigan, MBA

Linda Houston Jones*

Yvonne M. Jones

Gayle Keaton

Angela Lucas-Mumford, Ed.D

Consuelo S. McKinley

Delores Y. McKinley

Angela Messam

Audrey Miller, PhD, RN

Catherine A. Minnis, MBA

Stefanie C. Moon, Esq.

Trellanee Moore-


Kimberly Cunningham

Mosley, Esq.

Jacqueline W. Myles*

Leslie Nixon

Burnadette Norris-

Weeks, Esq.

Shelby Rushin Oden

Julienne “Julie” Owens

Terri Prestage-White

Dionne Polite

Avis Proctor, Ed.D

Margaret L. Roseburr#*

Dorothy L. Ruffin#*

Ebony Daniels Sanon

Sheneka Spencer

Gloria Smith*

Alexis Stephens, MD

Anita Fain Taylor

Tina Teague

Doris (Pattie) Pettiford Wesley*

Chanadra Young Whiting, Ed.D, MPH, CHES

Emma Winston

*Charter Member

# Chapter Organizer


Our History

Meet our Members

Meet our Members

The North Broward County Chapter of The Links, Incorporated had its beginning in 1990 when three friends, Dorothy Ruffin, Margaret Roseburr and Gloria Butler (who has since moved away from the area) voiced their concerns about issues affecting the Northern Broward community.  

These three dedicated women  realized that the majority of services and civic organizations emanated from the central area of Broward County. 

 They found themselves constantly commuting to central Broward in order to participate in organizations and events which impacted the lives of African Americans.

Perceiving that there were enough concerns to be addressed within their own community, this original group invited other women with similar feelings and experiences to join them. They organized as the North Broward Women’s Group.  The North Broward Women’s Group met monthly to plan and implement various successful projects.  This committed, progressive group of ladies recognized the need to affiliate with a prominent national organization in order to be more effective.  

In May 1995, the North Broward Women’s Group was chartered as a chapter of  The Links, Incorporated.

The Chapter continues to sustain the vision of its founding members and to fulfill the legacy of  The Links, Incorporated, by promoting friendship and providing service in the community.


Our Mission

Meet our Members

Our Mission

The North Broward County Chapter of The Links, Incorporated is an organization committed to making a difference in the lives of the residents of the North Broward community through the leadership of professional women providing education, services to youth, mentoring, cultural enrichment, support of the arts and advocacy.

The Arts

Co-Chairs: Sheri Brown, Jacquelyn Bolden and Tamara Gant 

Fosters development through support, appreciation, and expanded opportunities for involvement by all segments of our communities in areas including the performing and visual arts and literary expression.

International Trends and Services

Co-chairs: Tamashia Buckner, Frederica Dixon and Angela Messam

Develops awareness of international issues, e.g. United Nations and Human Rights Day observations, Southern African initiatives, Haitian Refugee issues, and Special Services to International Guests.


National Trends and Services

Co-Chairs: Kathy Eggleston, Leslie Nixon and Burnadette Norris-Weeks 

Provides direction through program content for addressing significant social, political and economic problems facing Americans at the local and national levels.

Services to Youth

Co-Chairs: Lynette Drayton, Connie McKinley and Anita Fain Taylor 

Promotes active involvement in programs that contribute to the positive development, socialization, and maintenance of youth and their families in their respective communities in relation to:  family life, education, drugs and alcohol abuse, unemployment, teenage pregnancy, literacy development, and self concept/self-esteem issues.

Health and Human Services

Co-Chairs: Yvonne Jones, Audrey Miller and Dionne Polite

The mission of the Health and Human Services facet is to promote and facilitate programs that support the maintenance of good health and the elimination of chronic health disparities in communities of color through education, health advocacy, and optimal utilization of health resources. Community education about health risks is crucial and The Links, Incorporated can play a significant role in providing it.

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