Connecting Links


Connecting Links

Thank you to our Connecting Links for all of your support.

Kevin Adderley

Robert Bailey

Rick Beasley

Charlie Blue

Arthur Bolden

Marcell Buckner

Edward Bryant

Claude Cadet

Shaun Davis

Julian DeSouza

Bill Dixon

Melvin Drayton, Jr.

Delvin Dyke

Bobby Fletcher

Larry Hagan

Charles Harris

Clifford Haye

William Hutchinson, Jr.

George Jones

James Jones

Harold Logan

Wayne M. Messam

James Monroe

Douglas Moon

Juan Mosley

Ronald Mumford

Robert Nixon

Darryl Polite

Cosey Proctor

John Ruffin

Christopher Smith

Norman Taylor

James Teague

Aaron Weeks

Lamont Wesley

Charles Whiting

Samuel Williams


Without you, we would not be able to do what we do in our community.